New Wave Concrete - Kenneth Acton:

New Wave Concrete is the oldest manufacturer of cobblestones and flagstones in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

We manufacture a wide range of products used by the Landscaping Industry and Enchanting Gardens, which is owned by Phil Skerrit has been a regular client for many years.

Over the years I have seen the work done by Phil in very upmarket properties in the Durban and Highway area and his work has been of the highest quality.

His creative abilities as a Landscaper to use a variety of materials both natural and manufactured gives testimony to the experience he has gained through very hard work.


Richard Flint:

In 2003 I contracted Enchanting Gardens to construct a series of dry stone walls in front of a new house off Kloof Falls Road. 

The results were stunning, now planted up with suitable mateials the house & garden have blended together to form an extraordinary natural area hosting birds, butterflies, and agama lizards.  The use of dry stone walls particularly on a difficult sloping area as mine was, brought a unique natural look plus added value to my property.

Mike Knowles:

I wish to provide a reference to Phillip Skerritt, owner of Enchanted Gardnes, a landscaping business.

In my dealings with him, I have been suitably impressed with his knowledge of his work, suggestions and finished product. As a keen gardener myself and, living on an acre of land, I have often called on his expertise to add new life and dimension to my property.

He has completed layouts and design for me on four occations and, besides his punctuality and honour of his commitments, the end result has always been of a high standard, particularly his work regarding rockery and dry wall design.

His work is of a high standard and I do not hesitate in recommending him, his workmen and advice to anyone wishing to enhance their property into an enchanted garden.

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