a. On-site preperation

This is a time consuming and critical exercise and must be carried out under the strict supervision of the designer or contractor who is in possession of the plans and familiar with the details thereof. Flower beds must be clearly outlined and prepared, loosening existing soil, adding compost and relevant fertilisers. Unwanted sub-soil and builders rubble must be removed from site.

b. Hard Landscaping / Construction

Construction should begin on any retaining walls, pathways, rockeries, steps, etc., using good quality materials and built to specification and design. Once construction is complete the planting process may begin.

c. Soft Landscaping / Planting

It must be ensured that every tree, shrub, perennial or ground cover is correctly placed because each plant has different requirements in terms of sun/shade, water and soil type. It is essential that instructions are followed clearly and precisely when positioning them. Holes of varying sizes must be prepared using the correct amount and type of compost and super phosphate and watering accordingly.

d. Turfing

A lawn can be established from see, grass runners or by laying instant turf depending on your budget. The type of grass chosen should ideally be a versatile low maintenance, hardy grass and suited to local climatic conditions. The grass should be planted on an even surface of decent top soil, rolled, watered and fed regularly. The lawn forms an integral part of any garden and therefore it should be treated with care.