This will necessitate an accurate survey and pencil drawing of the property to determine the exterior dimensions of the house and garden, to note the location of any other structures such as tennis courts, swimming pools, tool sheds, etc., as well as the position of existing trees and plants identifying any alien invasive vegitation which needs to be moved. This is then translate into a full-scale drawings with corresponding plant index.

The Garden Designer will produce a scheme within the budget constraints of the project. The desired style will be highlighted by features linking the environment to the architecture. Plants or objects that accentuate form and texture, or line of building.  Verandahs, pathways, steps, courtyards and retaining walls should blend in with the surrounding. Practicalities such as children, pets and recreation should also be provided for.

The cost of this service will be determined by an hourly rate for which a professional fee will be charged. On completion of the drawing, a written quotation is submitted calculating the total cost of the project from start to finish - itemising the cost of labour, plant material, building materials, management, supervision and transport. The garden can be done in it's entirety or in stages thereby spreading the cost over time.