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The History and Art of Building Traditional Dry Stone Walls - 2017-06-07

The definition of dry stone walling is a wall made with stones that fit together firmly without being stuck together with mortar. The history of dry stone walling dates back to time immemorial. The ancient Mayans and Incas built enormous temples and  places of sacrifice to worship the gods and observe the universe using this method. Machu P... more

My latest landscaping project in Forest Hills overlooking the beautiful Gorge.I'm so lucky to be working in such natural surroundings. - 2016-08-16

I was asked to create a new low maintenance garden comprising a new entrance pathway and steps.So I chose mainly Indigenous grasses and sucullents and incorporated a lovely sculpture of two storks. ... more

Landscaping and gardening forum - 2016-08-16

This page has been created specifically  for all like minded gardeners and landscapers to encourage and share there garden adventures and pictures so that we can form a group in order to exchange ideas and views. ... more