The Landscape Design Course covers a range of topics and is presented by Phil Skerritt, the owner of Enchanting Gardens. Phil has more than 20 years' experience in Landscape Design and has a wealth of knowledge to share.

This course will run over 4 consecutive Saturdays from 9am to 12pm.

Next Course Start Date:    Saturday 3 September 2016



1) Landscaping plants and identification / characteristics

    Catagories: Trees, shrubs, perennials, ground covers feature plants.

2) The survey and garden plan.

3) Drawing and plant symbols / artistic impressions.

4) Corresponding plant index.

5) Local Climate and soil conditions / analysis. Different soil types.

6) Local building techniques and architecture.

7) Cold climate, temperate and sub tropical plants.

8) Mediteranean plants.

9) Design techniques and styles.

10) Preliminary survey. Customer brief (determine what the client likes / dislikes).

11) Landscape planning and research.

12) Marketing and costing.

13) Presentation and Quote.

14) What is Garden Design?

15) Site preparation.

16) Implementation of plans.

17) Sourcing and selecting plant material, building supplies etc.

18) Garden designer's equipment and landscaping tools.

19) Selecting a theme / design concepts.

20) Different themes.

21) Screening.

22) Colour, form and tecture in the garden.

23) All year round effect (Four seasons gardens).

24) Simplicity in design.

25) Unity in design.

26) Sun and shade plants.

27) Environmental planning - Wildlife and conserving water.

28) Mulching and maintenance.

29) Environmental pest control.

30) Indigenous vs Exotic - debate.

31) Contacts / suppliers.

32) Premises, transportation. Nurseries and plant propagation.

33) Field study.

34) Practical and written examinations.