Historically this type of design is associated with period architecture and evokes feelings of grandeur, but can also be used to compliment modern or contemporary buildings providing a low maintenance alternative for people with busy lifestyles. These gardens are normally very symmetrical in design and comprise of corresponding borders and pathways, strong architectural elements and features as well as form plants that are strategically placed to highlight focal points.

This type of design might incorporate knot gardens, hedging, ornamental ponds, fountains and architectural statues or sculptures.



This type of design is normally associated with country or cottage gardens, with an emphasis on natural flowing borders comprising of trees, shrubs, perennials and ground covers as well as herbaceous and bedding plants  which provide colour and interest all the-year-round.

The quintessential english country garden conjures up images of an enchanting garden. A cobble stone pathway lined with lavender, archways and pagodas covered with clematis or rambling roses. Secret gardens that evoke special feelings and childhood memories that inspire and trigger one's imagination.



This is a relatively new concept and a fundamentally important form of design which helps to preserve our environment by planting only indigenous trees and plants which help to sustain an ecological balance and provide a natural habitat, food source, or sanctuary for wildlife. This type of garden will appeal to nature lovers and might incorporate a woodland, wetland or grassland area. Natural dry stone walls built in the traditional way and weathered rock are desirable for retaining purposes and natural features that will blend into the environment.


Indigenous Gardens

Here are some beautiful examples of Indigenous Gardens.

Indigenous Cycads-3855.jpg Indigenous gardens 1-1701.jpg Indigenous gardens 2-3432.jpg Indigenous gardens and retaining systems-811.jpg IndigenousGarden1-483.jpg IndigenousGarden2-3297.jpg IndigenousGarden3-876.jpg IndigenousGarden4-2229.jpg

Indigenous Cycads-3855.jpg

Indigenous Cycads