The main purpose of the design will be to produce a scheme which is both practical and imaginative using proven methods and design techniques to create all year-round interest. Remember that garden design is a free art form, an individual expression of one's personallity and creativity using one's imagination and vision to create a harmonious atmosphere and natural ecological balance.

Every Garden Design should have a main theme that all the elements of the design must relate to. Simplicity is the key to successful garden design and once you have established an appropriate garden theme you must consider the fundamental elements of good design:

- Unity

- Colour

- Form

- Texture, and

- Climate Suitability.

Complimentary plants are linked together to provide a harmonious atmosphere which is appealing to the eye and sensitive to the environment and wildlife. In choosing a theme you should observe the unique characteristics of the house and garden, the architecture, it's setting, soil type, orientation, views and prevailing winds, local building materials and techniques as well as drainage conditions, local climate and surrounding environment.

This process can take some time and numerous design possibilities need to be explored and scale drawings produced either on the drawing board or on the computer. The cost of a professional plan will depend on the size and nature of the project and the designers hourly rate.


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